Brian DiLucente Portfolio


Tetris projects

Tetris Axis (Nintendo 3DS) – For this project, I was tasked with writing 15 remixes of Romantic period Russian music based on melodies by composers such as Tchaikovsky, Borodin, and Glazunov. I also spent a great deal of time working in a production capacity by offering design suggestions and feedback to HudsonSoft in Japan; several of my ideas were used as the foundation for game modes.


Tetris Party Deluxe (Nintendo Wii/DS) – For this title, I was tasked with writing music in several different genres with the focus being on making the music interactive. Over the course of gameplay, tempo changes dramatically, and a ‘tension track’ of percussion plays on top of the background music when a player’s game is close to ending.

Tetris Battle – I was tasked with creating all audio assets for this game. Currently, it stands as a top 15 game on Facebook with almost 4,000,000 daily active users.

Tetris Friends ( – On this project, the goal was to create a vibrant online community of Tetris players; one of the keys to success for this site has been allowing a level of customization for the players such as letting them choose which victory music plays on opponents’ computers.

Concentris (experimental game variant) – This was a side project I pursued in order to make a version of Tetris which better utilized the touchscreen interface on an iPad. The control scheme works like a turntable. The object of the game is to make circles as opposed to lines.

Tetris Kinect (experimental game variants) – This was another experimental project I was asked to work on with the studio at the request of Microsoft. The first 4 pictures are part of a proposal I submitted for a rhythmic variant the plays in a similar fashion to RockBand. The fifth picture is a variant where the player must throw Tetris game pieces at walls which slowly close in on him/her. The sixth picture is a variant where the player catches Tetris pieces as they fall from a ramp, and must place them in the proper slot below.

Konami projects

This video is a quick runthrough of my contributions to the Frogger and Dance Dance Revolution console franchises. On Frogger, I worked in a production capacity on one of the mini-games in the title (the DDR style minigame). Youtube link below:


Experimental projects

Watercolors – This was an experimental game idea which reached the prototype stage. It was a simple liquid based puzzle game where the object was to mix primary colors together in order to advance. Working with the artists and programmers at Tetris Online, we were able to put together a Flash build of the game utilizing the rule system I outlined in my design document. Below are some sample pages from the design document.

Diabolus – This was another variant on the circular puzzle game idea I had been toying around with. Instead of using Tetris-like pieces, the object was to stack three pieces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in order to clear a ‘line’. Below is a link to a short youtube video outlining gameplay as well as a piece of concept art I made showing my vision for the creative direction of the game (steampunk).


Interactive music framework for Flash – Below is a short proposal I had put together in order to use tracker audio formats. This allows for realtime adjustment of parameters such as tempo and individual track playback. This system did in fact make its way into “Tetris Stars” which is up on Facebook. Link below:

Interactive Music Proposal